Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Plan your Work and Work your Plan...

A question of all my self- employed, I own my own business / company, Mr. / Mrs. Entrepreneurs.... What do you think would happen if you worked your business really hard for one year.  Worked like this is the only means to take care of you and your family.  Worked like this is your passion, your love.  (Still keeping God first)
I know that many of you work hard already and I admire you.  But I am just saying what if...


  1. I would travel all over the country promoting my brand and renewing my passion for what making my product everyday

  2. If I worked my business really hard for one year, I would actually experience increase in all aspects of my business. Being self employed is the greatest blessing of mine since 2002 and I am very proud of it! Taking advantage of continuing to be a successful business owner allows me to see what life has to offer and view how others see me. Most often times we fail to plan while making the money. We just jump right in. This year, I plan to take the month of December off in order to rest, plan, and make new contacts. The first Monday in January (unless its a holiday), its time to get to work! We have to nurture, love, and take care of our passion and what we rely on to make ourselves successful. If we don't, no one else will. I have also learned to make sure to take time for self. Burning yourself out will not make your any more successful than what you are because you end up making mistakes. It takes more time to correct them when that time should be spent incorporating new ideas and finishing new projects. Face the challenges and embrace the opportunities.

    ~Sheila R. Hudson