Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Rainy Day

Its raining again to day. I am really not sure if stopped since Saturday!!!! I am not complaining because I am home from work. I have EIGHT, yes that EIGHT- 8 - weeks off. Thursday will make week 3.

Its just that I am talking about the rain because Devin walked to the bus stop (which is about 3 houses down). I dont understand why boys prefer to stand in the rain then get a ride. Not like I can drive right now, but Aerial is at home.

Well any whooo. I hope that I feel well enough to put some storage cubes together today. I got 9 yesterday from Michaels. They were 40% off and from 4-8 you could get an additional 25% your entire purchase, yes sale items also.

I am sprucing up my craft room. Will post some pics when I finished.