Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whats new with Design Plus Me...

Um, I really dont where to start.  I have so many feeling floating around. I first started this blog three years ago to really post pics of my scrapbook layouts. Well, then I wasnt posting as often as I thought I should...

During the past three years so much has changed. I am now sewing like crazy.  I mostly make baby items, but also ipad covers, hair clips, scented sachets and other items.  My product is currently sold in eight stores in GA, HomeGrown, Twisted Sisters, Young Blood, Donna Van Gogh's, At The Collective, Twelve Beau, Wild Oats & Billy Goats and  5 Continents.  I am expanding to SC. Well this is the business side...

The fun side... I am still amazed at how much I like to sew.  I still want to get back to doing my layouts.  These  books will be our family history for my children and their children.

I also want to create something just dont know what it is yet... You know how you have that idea but just have can't put it together on paper or fabric???

So many times I have said that I am going to post more often.  Well this time I will just say my desire is to post at least twice weekly... so maybe I will load some pics.

XOXOXO until the next time.

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