Friday, June 26, 2009

Here I am...

I am excited...did I say that I am excited. For those of you who may have visited my other blog...I can't get back into that blog.

So here I am, all new. Here's one of the few things that I am working on for Christmas sales (so place your orders early). An assortment of cards. More details and pictures to follow. But I will tell you this. Cards will come in a fabric envelope that I AM SEWING MYSELF. LOL

I will be back later to add pictures of Aerial's graduation. In the other blog I posted her prom pictures. I may also add a few of those also.

Well I promise to blog often and share ideas. I am going to try and share a new idea/video weekly. So make sure you join me here. Please also visit me on facebook. (Make It Personal Keepsake) You can search for me and become one of my fans. (That sounds star-ish).

Thanks for stopping by...
Love & Belief

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